Apache Kafka Introductory Tutorial – Set up your first Kafka Producer and Consumer

Prerequisite A basic understanding about Apache Kafka. Please go through the introduction once, should you need it. Installation Download the Kafka from here. Untar the tar file that is downloaded. tar -xzf kafka_2.11-2.1.0.tgz Run The Server cd kafka_2.11-2.1.0 Start the zookeeper first bin/zookeeper-server-start.sh config/zookeeper.properties Zookeeper would be running at 2181 port. You can check that... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Apache Kafka Concepts

What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. This essentially means that Kafka has following capabilities: Publish and subscribe to the stream of records just like how message queue (e.g. RabbitMQ) works Store streams of records for specified time. Kakfa is not a replacement for database or a logging platform. However, kafka... Continue Reading →

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