A Simple Tutorial To Identify Human Face In a Given Image

Prerequisite Python3PyCharm or any other python IDEHomebrewcmake (brew install cmake)dlib (pip3 install dlib) The steps in bracket are specific to mac. Code https://gist.github.com/rohitsingh20122992/0c8fa7478dedc35436bebd2c13b096da The algorithm behind will be covered in subsequent tutorial. Test Input Test Output Reference: Linked In Course On Face Recognition


A Beginner Tutorial on Java Streams

The screenshot above explains the dictionary meaning of stream. And stream in java is no different. The dictionary meaning says: stream - a continuous flow of liquid, air or gasA quick google search Stream in Java is also a sequence of values. As you can make a dam to aggregate the water in case of... Continue Reading →

A Beginner Tutorial For Elasticsearch – 1

Introduction Elasticsearch is a near-realtime search platform. Near-realtime means that there is a slight latency from the time a document is indexed until the time it becomes searchable. We will start with some terminology related to elasticsearch. Document A document is the basic unit of information that can be indexed. A document is expressed in... Continue Reading →

A Beginner Guide To Decorator Pattern

Which is your favourite Gun in PUBG? Mine is this one in the picture below. Who will name this? SCAR-L! That's right. It needs 5.56 mm bullet and is pretty handy. More about SCAR-L here. But! let's ask our friends in Pochinki? Has someone got 4x zoom? Why? Because you know that the assault rifle... Continue Reading →

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