A Simple Tutorial To Identify Human Face In a Given Image

Prerequisite Python3PyCharm or any other python IDEHomebrewcmake (brew install cmake)dlib (pip3 install dlib) The steps in bracket are specific to mac. Code https://gist.github.com/rohitsingh20122992/0c8fa7478dedc35436bebd2c13b096da The algorithm behind will be covered in subsequent tutorial. Test Input Test Output Reference: Linked In Course On Face Recognition

An Introduction To Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a kind of buzz words these days; sort of a mysterious new guy in the class whom everyone wants to be friend with. On the onset, I would like to think Machine Learning as a part of tool kit of every Software Engineer. And conceptually it's not different from the Mathematics, Algorithm,... Continue Reading →

Entropy In Machine Learning

Entropy is a measure of randomness. In other words, its a measure of unpredictability. Let's take an example of a coin toss. Suppose we tossed a coin 4 times, and the output of the events came as {Head, Tail, Tail, Head}. Based solely on this observation, if you have to guess what will be the... Continue Reading →

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