A Simple Tutorial To Identify Human Face In a Given Image

Prerequisite Python3 PyCharm or any other python IDE Homebrew cmake (brew install cmake) dlib (pip3 install dlib) The steps in bracket are specific to mac. Code https://gist.github.com/rohitsingh20122992/0c8fa7478dedc35436bebd2c13b096da The algorithm behind will be covered in subsequent tutorial. Test Input Test Output Reference: Linked In Course On Face Recognition If you liked this article and would like... Continue Reading →

An Introduction To Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a kind of buzz words these days; sort of a mysterious new guy in the class whom everyone wants to be friend with. On the onset, I would like to think Machine Learning as a part of tool kit of every Software Engineer. And conceptually it's not different from the Mathematics, Algorithm,... Continue Reading →

A Tutorial to Understand Decision Tree ID3 Learning Algorithm

Introduction Decision Tree learning is used to approximate discrete valued target functions, in which the learned function is approximated by Decision Tree. To imagine, think of decision tree as if or else rules where each if-else condition leads to certain answer at the end. You might have seen many online games which asks several question and lead... Continue Reading →

Entropy In Machine Learning

Entropy is a measure of randomness. In other words, its a measure of unpredictability. Let's take an example of a coin toss. Suppose we tossed a coin 4 times, and the output of the events came as {Head, Tail, Tail, Head}. Based solely on this observation, if you have to guess what will be the... Continue Reading →

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