A tutorial for MNIST – Digit Recognition Using scikit learn


This is again a note to myself. This code has been prepared following different tutorials and SO answers. I have tried to cover many of them in reference below. The notebook is commented to the best of my ability. Starting with 11% in first trial, the final model is able to achieve accuracy of 95%.

If you are new, you might want to read this first:

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  1. Import the data in a dataframe
  2. Make data series of pixel data and the label
  3. Split the data in test and train samples
  4. Use simple SVC without any tuning. (Got 11% accuracy)
  5. Modify the data. Take out the gradient of 0-255 and replace it with simple binary 0 and 1
  6. Again use SVC (Got 90% accuracy)
  7. Use GridSearchCV to find better value of parameters
  8. Again use SCV with the optimum value of parameters (Got 95% accuracy)



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