Troubleshooting Under Replicated Kafka Partitions

There are two types of replica: Leader replica and Follower replica. Let’s say that there are three replicas of a partition. One of them, should be a leader. All the requests from producers and consumers would pass to the leader in order to guarantee consistency. All the replicas other than the leader are called follower.Continue reading “Troubleshooting Under Replicated Kafka Partitions”

Tutorial For Kafka Monitoring Using JMX, Prometheus And Grafana

If you are new to Kafka, please read the first three posts of the series given below. Else dive in.  Introduction to Kafka Kafka Internals Reliable Data Delivery in Kafka How do your monitor your Kafka setup? There are a number of measurement collected while Kafka is operational. We are going to collect these measurementsContinue reading “Tutorial For Kafka Monitoring Using JMX, Prometheus And Grafana”