Introducing Laminar | nurture farm’s very first open-source project

They say - “necessity is the mother of invention”. Laminar is our invention born out ofnecessity. The first order of business for the engineering team at was todecide on a tech stack that suits our domain. In the agricultural domain, we oftenserve users who might not have great access to the fast and reliable... Continue Reading →

GoLang Journey – Basic Data Types

You might want to browse the previous post on this series. Integers Go provides both signed and unsigned integer type There are four different size of signed integer type; 8, 16, 32, 64 bits, represented by int8, int16, int32 and int64 Similarly there are four different size of unsigned integer types; 8, 16, 32, 64... Continue Reading →

GoLang Journey – Program Structure

Names The name of go functions, variables, constants, types and packages abide by following rules: Name begins with a letter or underscore Name can have any number of additional letters, digits as well as underscores Case in name matters; list and List are two different names Go has 25 reserved words like if, map, package,... Continue Reading →

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