Introducing Laminar | nurture farm’s very first open-source project

They say - “necessity is the mother of invention”. Laminar is our invention born out ofnecessity. The first order of business for the engineering team at was todecide on a tech stack that suits our domain. In the agricultural domain, we oftenserve users who might not have great access to the fast and reliable... Continue Reading →

GoLang Journey – Composite Types

You might want to read the previous post in the series. Composite types created by combining the basic types like int, float etcetra. Arrays An array is a fixed length sequence of zero or more elements of particular typeBecause of the fixed length constraints, Arrays are rarely used in Goif "..." appears in place of... Continue Reading →

GoLang Journey – Program Structure

Names The name of go functions, variables, constants, types and packages abide by following rules: Name begins with a letter or underscoreName can have any number of additional letters, digits as well as underscoresCase in name matters; list and List are two different namesGo has 25 reserved words like if, map, package, go etceteraIf name... Continue Reading →

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