Introduction to GraphQL Mutation through Java

Prerequisite If you don't know about GraphQL, this link is a good place to start. This article would assume that reader has basic knowledge of REST as well as Java. Mutation Drawing comparison from REST, any verb (e.g. GET, POST, PUT etc) are able to do server changes. But as convention, we use POST to... Continue Reading →

Tutorial – Introduction to GraphQL through Java Implementation

Introduction Assume that we have been given following mockup screens: A possible rest implementation would have following APIs: GET /car/{id} Response: { "id" : "car1", "carNumber" : "KA01HK", "driverId" : "12" } ------------------------------------- GET /driver/{id} Response: { "id" : "12", "firstName" : "Harsh", "lastName" : "Vardhan" } But! The first screen only wanted car number... Continue Reading →

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