Simple Project Idea in Java for Beginners

Problem Statement: Make a console based java application which support CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for e-commerce domain.

Application should be able to support following features:

  1. Any user should be able to sign up, log in and log out.
  2. Admin should be able to add, update and delete products.
  3. Logged in user should be able to browse products.
  4. Logged in user should have a shopping cart where user should be able to add multiple products.
  5. User should have ability to checkout and total payable should be displayed while checkout
  6. User should have following attributes: name, user id, address, date of birth
  7. Product should have following attributes : name, product id, description and price
  8. User and Product information should be persisted in database
  9. Console should have option for all the operation mentioned above

What will you learn from this?

  • Designing classes to store the user and Product information
  • Taking input from console and storing into models
  • Persisting data in database
  • Database table design
  • Coding best practices like naming of variables, class names, designing helping and service classes

Note: Beginners may get stuck in database connection. It’s advisable to complete this assignment using in memory data structures like list, map, set instead of database in the first phase. As a second stage, you can attempt to do the same assignment using database.

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